The  Eastern  Woodland  Frontier  Experience  Program:

Experience what life would have been like for the Native Americans living in the Eastern Woodland region during the frontier era, a turbulent yet adventurous time when many Native American tribes gained status as serious political entities in the founding of what we know today to be America. This program will take the audience back in time to experience the life of Native Americans during the 18th century. Participants will get a chance to study and interact with authentic indigenous material culture objects while also witnessing a number of these objects in live demonstrations. Items like the bow and arrow, the flint-lock musket and the Eastern Woodland blowgun will be demonstrated in addition other tools used by Native American frontiersmen. This presentation will address a number of fascinating historical facts in addition to traditional Native American spirituality, oral tradition, and warfare. It will further address contemporary theories pertaining to where Native Americans came from in addition to where tribes were located during the frontier era and why. Ultimately this presentation will highlight the cultural significance of Native Americans and why they are important components of the history of America. Time will be left at the end of the presentation to answer questions from the audience. By request this presentation can be modified to focus more specifically on any of the above mentioned topics. The cost for this presentation conducted in or around Western North Carolina is $250. The program typically lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour dependent on audience questions. Multiple presentations can be scheduled throughout the day for no additional fee. A hands on activity where participants can actually make a Native American item to take home with them is also available for an additional fee.

What to Expect from this presentation;

Audience members will be given a unique opportunity to interact with a tribally enrolled Native American member of a federally recognized tribe in addition to hands-on presentations of beautiful Native American made material culture objects.

  • Class presentations will help the audience better understand many aspects of Native American culture, history, and spirituality. Classes can be custom designed to fulfill a number of state required education learning goals as well as Scout merit badge requirements
  • Fulfills a number of state required learning objectives.
  • Satisfies a number of components of Scout merit badge requirements.
  • Lays a foundation for further study of Eastern Woodlands indigenous peoples.

Classes & Presentations

The cost of these presentations/classes depend on the number of participants and the amount of materials needed for each participant. Please contact me for exact pricing.

  • Flint-knapping (Making the Native American stone arrow point)
  • Making Native American Necklaces With Natural Fiber Cordage
  • Animal Tracking & Wildlife Respect
  • Making Native American Corn Husk Dolls
  • Making Native American Animal Calls
  • Native American Storytelling
  • Friction Fire-Making (Fire with two sticks)
  • Native American Spirituality
  • Traditional Native American Hunting Tools
  • Native Americans of the High Country

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a educational cultural program.